We help each other.

We support Japan and all over the world.

UNCFSO started supporting scholarships in Japan on August 15th,1980.
We support school establishment and the health of children around the world.
Our organization mainly conducts reconstruction support activities of the affected country.
We expand support circles all over the world to promote the formation of a sustainable society.


Sakura garden project Asia division in Thailand

We are landscaping the Japanese garden called Sakura Garden Project in Thailand which deepens goodwill.
We appreciate your cooperation.

The United Nations NGO's Japan Charity Foundation Services Orgazation.

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

The great earthquake in Kumamoto caused very enormous damage.
We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to the people, families, and stakeholders of the affected people.
We pray for the early recovery of the disaster area.
Thank you for your cooperation from everyone, such as donation and goods.
United Nations NGO Japan Charity Fund Support Organization

About supporting Nepal earthquake

"What is the most desirable thing now?"
They answered that they want a roof that will rain in the rainy season.
We bought a tin roof from India according to local demands and delivered 1,500 tents and 2,000 roofs to the site.

Emergency aid of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

We donated board games etc. to Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima elementary and junior high school at a cost of about 80 million yen.
They do not know how to use donation.
There is neither electricity nor entertainment.
Children were covered with anxiety of their minds.
So we did an analog game using brains and minds.
It is for us to take back our original self.


2017.4. 1 お知らせ

We started the third construction of Thai international Japanese garden.

2016.6. 1 お知らせ

We decided to do school establishment project in Nepal.

2016.2. 2 お知らせ

We decided to extend the school support project in Nepal.

2015.6. 1 お知らせ

Emergency support press conference in Nepal.

2015.5.26 お知らせ

Emergency support corps had gone Nepal.

2015.5.16 お知らせ

Ambassador of Nepal giving lecture on emergency support.

2015.4.21 お知らせ

Support Togo in Africa at house of representatives Hall.

2015.3.25 お知らせ

Support El Salvador in Central and South America at house of representatives Hall.

2014.10.11 お知らせ

International festival held.

2014.3. 5 お知らせ

We resumed international supporting activities .

2011.3.12 お知らせ

Emergency assistance of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake.