United Nations NGO's Charity Foundation Services Organization was established October 18th in 1978.
The purpose of the establishment is to support Japanese children, poor countries of the world and the affected countries and regions.


Until today, we have done a lot of support activities in various places.

Representative support activities in Japan are scholarship, The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.

Overseas we mainly support Nepal earthquake.

In addition, We support school establishment and teaching materials support in 17 countries.

Now, we support many poor countries in oversea.

In Japan, We support Dementia Seminar by The Japan Dementia Comprehensive Promotion Organization and Game Workshop for all ages by The Brain-Sports & Mind-Sports Foundation .

Because we think elderly people need to have most important in their life and health.


We continue support these activities .
So we would like to more expand medical support and nutritional assistance for many poor countries in oversea.


Donation received from everyone can do the following.

Basic medical supplies for 120 recipients with a donation of 3000yen face value.

Malaria treatment for 12 recipients with a donation of 5000yen face value.

RUTF 300 recipients with a donation of 10000yen face value.

We would appreciate your continued support.